Yellow Submarine

The animated film Yellow Submarine is a psychedelic adventure in which cartoon Beatles are summoned to defeat the evil Blue Meanies and restore music to a place called Pepperland.

Other than the soundtrack, the Beatles had almost no input into their fourth movie, which was released in London on July 17, 1968, six months before this soundtrack LP.

As with most of the Beatles' movie-related albums (Help! being a notable exception), this was a compromised effort and, of all their soundtracks, easily the worst. Half of Yellow Submarine consists of orchestral background music composed by producer George Martin, with the balance made up of old songs and four hastily cobbled together items that hadn't previously seen the light of day. Deservedly, after release on January 17, 1969, it stalled at No. 2 on the U.S. album charts and No. 3 in the U.K.

George Harrison: There were albums which weren't any good as far as I was concerned, like Yellow Submarine.

It was the last UK Beatle LP available in mono. The newer version (1999) has a full compliment of Beatles' tracks which replaced the original movie score selections written by George Martin.

Track Listing for 1999 Version
Side 1
  1. Yellow Submarine
  2. Hey Bulldog
  3. Eleanor Rigby
  4. Love You Too
  5. All Together Now
  6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  7. Think For Yourself
Side 2
  1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. With a Little Help From My Friends
  3. Baby You're a Rich Man
  4. Only A Northern Song
  5. All You Need Is Love
  6. When I'm 64
  7. Nowhere Man
  8. It's All Too Much

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