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The Beatles At The Cavern
First Live Filming

The Beatles At The Cavern
First Live Filming

By August, 1962, The Beatles had replaced Pete Best as their drummer with Ringo Starr, and the band was gaining quite a following among the younger set in Liverpool and, indeed, across the entire United Kingdom.

In fact, the Manchester-based Granada Television (now ITV) had received so many telephone calls about this "new" group that the company sent a film crew to The Cavern to film a few minutes of The Beatles' lunchtime stage performance with the idea of using the clip on a local TV program, Know The North.

The lads were filmed performing "Some Other Guy" and "Kansas City, Hey, Hey, Hey," but on returning to the studio, the Granada technicians found the audio to be so inferior that it was barely audible. So, a week later, they sent an audio crew back to The Cavern to re-record The Beatles' night-time performance with the intent of dubbing the second audio piece onto the first video recording.

Due to the poor filming/recording conditions in The Cavern, neither the film nor the recording was seen as usable and was subsequently shelved with no further plans to broadcast it. Eventually, once The Beatles' popularity grew, the first performance of "Some Other Guy" was shown on November 6, 1963 on the Granada program, Scene.

The filming of "Some Other Guy" survived the years, but the "Kansas City, Hey, Hey, Hey" clip did not.

Over the years this version, with various different edits, was used in a variety of documentaries. Most notable were The Compleat Beatles [VHS], The Beatles Anthology, and Imagine: John Lennon. These documentaries utilized several additional alternate camera angle shots edited into the "Some Other Guy" performance.

At the end of the "Some Other Guy" clip, you can hear the audience calling, "We want Pete ..." in reference to the band's having replaced Pete Best with Ringo.

The Cavern Club filming was the first of its kind with Ringo as the band's drummer. However, it was not the earliest film of The Beatles per se. That distinction belongs to the Super 8mm filming of the band at St. Paul's Church Hall, Birkenhead on February 10, 1962, when Pete Best was still The Beatles' drummer.

Please note that, in the second video clip below, I have added sound to the Super 8mm filming shot on February 10, 1962. The original had no sound track.

Here are the two clips:


—— Some Other Guy——
(Cavern Club, August 22, 1962)

——The Beatles' First Filming——
(St. Paul's Church Hall, Birkenhead, February 10, 1962)

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