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Ringo's "Lost" Photographs
Published At Last

Ringo's "Lost" Photographs
Published At Last

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr: Why I'm sharing my private photo album of unique Beatles memories ...

I have always loved taking photos.

All the Beatles had cameras – I think we bought a whole load on our first tour of Japan — but I'd been snapping away for a while before that.

Millions and millions of pictures of the Beatles have been taken, and published, over the years.

We always had a real photographer around us, like Dezo Hoffman and Bob Freeman who took a lot of photos of the Beatles for our album covers.

But I took pictures of them photographing us — and I had a unique perspective of that incredible period of our lives.

That's why my new ebook, Photograph, is so special. Because these are the shots that only I could have taken.

Together they chart the story of four lads from Liverpool trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them.

I've captured John, Paul, George and myself in pensive and playful moments – eating, drinking, recording, relaxing.....playing Monopoly and fooling around in hotel rooms.

I used to have a movie camera too, but sadly all that footage has been lost.

A lot of my shots from the early Beatles days are taken out of the car window ... because we were in the car a lot!

It was mad ... so many people wanted to say hello — so it was hotel-to-car-to gig, then gig-to-car to hotel.

As I got more into my photography, I found all these crazy lenses for my camera and began experimenting with different effects.

Then I was asked to archive all my “stuff” when the Grammy Museum in L.A decided to do a Ringo exhibit.

In the basement at home I found loads of my old clothes and costumes.

But then, in a drawer, I found a whole album of negatives I'd totally forgotten about and another album of photos.

My late mum, Elsie, had kept hundreds more, of me too — my childhood and early days making my name as a drummer in Liverpool. G

oing through them all was like a trip down memory lane – and that's how my ebook, came about.

So, I hope you'll enjoy a few unique Beatles memories with me ...

Article first published in the Mirror, June 12, 2013

Posted here June, 2013.

Ringo Talks About His New eBook, Photograph

Report by the BBC

Ringo Starr's new ebook, Photograph, is brought to you by Genesis Publications. Now available to pre-order from the iBookstore. For more information, visit Genesis Publications.

Proceeds from the sale of Photograph will go to Ringo's charitable organization, The Lotus Foundation.

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