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The Beatles' First Ladies
Where Are They Now?


Cynthia Lennon gained instant fame as the wife of the only Beatle to be married when the group began its successful career. She was kept a secret for a while, but by the time The Beatles played Ed Sullivan, she was no longer in the shadows.

Her marriage to John has been well documeted, and it was likely no great joy. The couple had a son, Julian, a musician in his own right.

After John met Yoko Ono, Cynthia and John were divorced, but she says she has no ill-feelings towards John and his legacy.

She is the author of two books on her life with John: A Twist of Lennon and John.

In 2002, she married Noel Charles, a Barbadian night club owner, with whom she lived on the island of Majorca in Spain until his death on March 11th, 2013.

Sadly, Cynthia Lennon passed away from cancer on April 1, 2015, at the age of 75.


Jane Asher was a household name in the sixties. She was, after all, the girl who was dating Paul at that time.

Rumors abound that he asked her to marry him, that she refused, that Linda spirited him away, and on and on.

Jane and Paul never married, but she was the subject of such songs as "And I Love Her," and for a time, the bane of many a lovesick teenage girl's existence.

Jane Asher has written three best-selling novels: The Longing , The Question and Losing it, and she has published more than a dozen lifestyle, costuming, and cake decorating books. She owns a company that makes party cakes and sugar crafts for special occasions.

Jane has enjoyed something of an acting career, with 88 film and television credits. Possibly her most notable appearances were in Alfie (1966), the somewhat raunchy Deep End (1970), Death at a Funeral (2007), and more recently, I Give It a Year (2013).

She is also President of Arthritis Care, President of Parkinson's UK, and President of the National Autistic Society, in which she takes an active role. She was a speaker at the launch of the National Autistic Society's "Make School Make Sense" campaign. In March 2010, she became Vice President to Autistica, a UK charity raising funds for autism research.

Jane Asher is married to a British cartoonist. She has three children, writes books, does TV shows, and is a popular British celeb.


Pattie Boyd caught George's eye during the shooting of A Hard Day's Night. She was a model and was married to George from 1966 - 77. Drop dead gorgeous, she caught the eye of every young Beatle wannabe, banging out crude songs on cheap electric guitars.

She also caught the eye of Eric Clapton, who was banging out great songs on very expensive guitars. After her divorce from George, she married Clapton with George's blessing.

She was the inspiration of many songs, but of special note are George's song, "Something," from the album Abbey Road — in spite of George's later insistence that she was not the subject of the song — and two songs by Clapton, "Wonderful Tonight" and his anthem to Pattie, "Layla."

Her marriage to Clapton also ended in divorce in 1989.

In 2007, she published her autobiography, which includes some of her photographs, titled Wonderful Today in the UK. In the US, the book was published with the title Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me and debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.

Today, she is busy touring and is involved in a number of charitable causes.


Maureen Cox was a working girl from Liverpool, with whom Ringo fell in love and married in 1965. At the time of thier marriage, Maureen was pregnant with their son, Zak. The couple later had another son, Jason, and a daughter, Lee.

Although Ringo insisted that Zak "would never be a drummer," Zak Starkey did, in fact, go on to become the drummer for such bands as The Who and Oasis.

Their marriage lasted through a stormy period in Ringo's life, but evetually ended in divorce in 1975.

Unfortunately, Maureen fell ill to leukemia and died in 1994. Ringo was there at her bedside.

Today, Ringo is married to Barbara Bach, whom Ringo met while he was filming Caveman, and the couple lives variously in England, Monaco, Colorado, and Los Angeles.

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