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Here are some links to some great Beatles' sites on the Internet. Each includes a brief summary of what you should find there. Links are checked regularly, but if you find one has expired, please let us know.


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Abbey Road Studios The official site of Abbey Road Studios where you can take a virtual tour of where The Beatles recorded.

The Beatles The oficial site of the lads.

The Beatles On YouTube All the latest videos posted by the official Beatles' site..

Beatles England Photos of Beatles-related spots of England in more recent times.

Beatles Facts Over 350 pages of info on Beatles discography, biography, news, history, discussion of Beatles' inner circle and major events, and recording history for albums and songs.

Beatles Links A comprehensive list of links for Beatle oriented web sites on the Internet.

Beatles On Film A site devoted to the film history of The Beatles.

Beatles News: What Goes On A great source of all the current news that is available on the lads.

Beatles: Song Lyrics If you need the lyrics to the songs, you'll find The Beatles and many other great artists here.

Beatles Tabs Explorer Learn to play Beatles on guitar with our tabs, chords and free guitar video lessons.

Dave Dermon's Beatles Singles Page This is a very interesting and important site that provides you with information and visuals on all the various labels that featured Beatles' singles. First rate for the collector!

Free As A Bird This site examines all the allusions to former Beatles songs in the video of "Free As A Bird." An incredible job! Other features as well. Frames.

George Harrison: The Offical Site Official site with news, George's biography, image gallery, links, discography of entire Harrison catalog, audio, video, and other media downloads. Frames.

George Harrison On YouTube All the latest videos posted by the George Harrison site..

The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF News and information in support UNICEF's lifesaving assistance to children caught in humanitarian emergencies.

I Am The Beatles Their history, albums, songs, lyrics, and what the lyrics mean. News on album collections and answers to fan questions.

The Internet Beatles Album A regular encyclopedia of Beatles' information.

John Lennon: The Official Site This is a great site for the John Lennon fan. Includes relevant news, history, downloads, videos, and so on. Very nicely done.

John Lennon On YouTube All the latest videos posted by the John Lennon site..

John Lennon Songwriting Contest A chance for budding musicians to enter their original songs in this great contest.

MACCA Central All you ever needed to know about Paul McCartney appears on this site. Great source of information, pictures, music, and videos related to Paul. Everything is current, and fascinating. Great site!

Music From Another Room Featuring Julian Lennon This is the official site for Julian Lennon's London based record company, Music From Another Room. Includes audio and video clips as well as a listing of upcoming appearances and more.

Ottawa Beatles Site Great site from Canada, one that offers you a social conscience that grows out of the belief that "the Beatles were more than a great band; they generated an atmosphere for good throughout the world, uniting people in many cultures, and through their timeless music and the optimistic subjects of their songs, continue to inspire new generations."

Paul McCartney: The Official Site Official site featuring information on his latest musical release, including news, lyrics, forum, and link to purchase.

Paul McCartney On YouTube All the latest videos posted by the Paul McCartney site.

Ringo Starr: The Official Site Ringo's official site on the web. Lots of movie clips and updates on the ever enigmatic drummer.
Ringo Starr On YouTube All the latest videos posted by the Ringo Starr site.

The Ringo Starr WWW Site If you're a fan of Ringo Starr, then Gary Schultz's site is the best on the 'net.

The Spanish Beatles Page One of the most complete sources of information on the fab four. Both in English and Spanish since 1995.

Wikipedia The free encyclopedia's page on The Beatles. A great source for background information.

WWW Beatles and Paul McCartney Pages Harald Gernhardt's Beatle site is a huge collection of everything you wanted to know about The Beatles and Paul McCartney. A first rate spot!

Yellow Submarine The official site of Yellow Submarine, exploring how the film was made through original storyboards, cells, and making-of films.

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