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Paul's Case Against Revisionism

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What's The Difference?

Songs For Cilla
The Beatles contribution to the career of Cilla Black.

A sneak peek at the new box set from George Harrison.

The Apple Years 1968 - 75 Box Set is available from Amazon.

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Paul is joined by a number of players (Roy Gaines, Al Williams, Dale Atkins, Henree Harris, Motown Maurice, Lil Poochie, Misha Lindes & Johnny Depp) as they strum through a series of sizzling blues classics — including snippets of Charlie Campbell's "Goin' Away Blues" and Carl Perkins' 1957 rockabilly tune "Matchbox."

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Five Beatles fans immortalized in Ringo Starr photograph reunite with the musician in Las Vegas.

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Can't say if it's legal, but during his concert, Paul performs the wedding nuptials for a couple in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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Pete Nash from The Beatles Fan Club Magazine unboxes The Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set. A lengthy procedure, it seems, but if you want to see what you'll get before buying the set, have a look.

The Beatles' In Mono Vinyl Box Set is available from Amazon.
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The Beatles Mono Vinyl
[Box Set]

The Beatles Japan [Box Set]

A Hard Day's Night
Dual Format Edition (2014)

The U.S. Albums
[Box Set]

On Air
Live At The BBC Volume 2

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl
[Box Set]

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