With the help of videos from YouTube, Beatles fans can get a peek behind the scenes to see what the lads were like in the "real" world. I hope you enjoy the selections.


John Names The Beatles   [1:12]
John Explains Why He's Always In Trouble   [0:14]
John Talks About His Writing   [1:28]
John Talks About The Butcher Cover Photo Sessions   [2:14]
John And The "More Popular Than Jesus" Controversy   [3:47]
John's Views Of The Beatles Break Up   [3:30]
John In "Not Only, But Also" Skit   [1:00]
John Lennon Abbey Road Interview   [24:34]
John Lennon Announced Dead By Howard Cosell On Monday Night Football (1980)   [2:22]
Julian Lennon Talks About John   [9:56]
Sean Lennon Talks About John   [2:23]


Paul Answers Rumours   [1:58]
Paul Answers Questions From Fans   [2:50]
Paul's American Accent   [0:24]
Paul and The First Boom Box   [0:16]
Paul Interviewed By David Frost   [5:27]
Is Paul Dead? The Controversy   [5:14]
Paul Discusses Early Music Influences   [1:53]
Paul And Jane Asher Discuss Meditation   [2:11]
Paul Discusses Owning The Beatles' Songs   [3:49]
Paul's 1980 Interview   [7:17]
Paul's First Comments On John's Death   [0:50]
Paul's Reaction To George's Death   [4:21]
Paul Answers The Question, "Was It Yoko's Fault?"   [0:20]
A Memory Of The Beatles   [1:39]
Paul Invites You To Invent The Next Linda McCartney Foods Product   [0:54]
On Life After His Divorce   [1:43]
Paul McCartney Is The Fireman   [2:10]
Paul on Ringo's 'No Fan Mail' Video   [2:25]
Paul Discusses The Making Of New   [9:26]


George On Ready, Steady, Go!   [1:59]
George On Meeting Eric Clapton   [2:13]
George On The Today Show   [6:28]
George Talks About Bangladesh Concert   [6:59]
Living In The Now   [5:27]
George Discusses Guitars   [3:21]
George Discusses His Love Of Grand Prix Racing   [3:45]
George Speaks About The Soul   [1:18]
George Reflects Back On The Beatles   [9:56]


Ringo After His Tonsilectomy   [0:47]
Ringo And Maureen On Their Wedding   [2:43]
Ringo in Southampton(1969)   [1:03]
Ringo's Dream For The World   [2:13]
Palm Springs Interview After All-Stars Show (2006)   [4:08]
Ringo Says No More Autographs   [0:44]
Ringo's 70th Birthday Celebration   [1:10]
Ringo On The Jimmy Fallon Show (2010)   [0:55]
Ringo's Pizza Hut Commercial   [0:31]
Ringo's Update, February, 2014   [6:15]
Ringo Starr & Friends For Designer John Varvatos   [2:23]


Beatles First American News Conference   [2:11]
Press Conference at the Madison Hotel in Boston, MA (1964)   [15:29]
Press Conference in Toronto, Canada (1964)   [5:15]
Beatles News Reel — Los Angeles August 18, 1964   [8:50]
Press Conference In Dallas (1964)   [1:49]
The Beatles Look Ahead   [1:33]
Beatles Receive The MBE (1965)   [3:18]
Why The Beatles Stopped Touring   [9:22]
Paul And Ringo Discuss Passing Of John And George   [2:07]
Nike Commercial Using "Revolution" (Apple Corp Later Sued Nike For Copyright InfringementFull Story)   [1:00]
Reunion At The Opening of Love In Las Vegas   [1:44]
Each Of The Lads Look Back On The Beatles   [2:00]
The Beatles' Legacy   [5:37]
50 Years Later ... The Beatles At The Ed Sullivan Theater   [1:15:53]
The Beatles - Back In The UK After The Ed Sullivan Show   [3:48]


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